Enjoy A Group Of High Schoolers Perform ‘Alien’ As A Play

This story has been sweeping the web for the previous week or 2. A highschool group chose to avoid the classic plays typically carried out, and instead put on a complete production of the 1979 motion picture Alien. The North Bergen High School drama club in New Jersey went for it, self funding, adapting the motion picture, and developing the whole set. They produced outfits and set pieces from scrap product and frankly, knocked it out of the park.

Up up until just recently, there were only bits and teasers readily available on the web. The team assembled this teaser to highlight the cast, and a few proud parent clips were ending up on twitter, but you could not view the entire thing.

Last night the North Bergen High School in New Jersey placed on ‘Alien’ as their school play and it looks definitely incredible. #hrgiger #Alien #rushmore pic.twitter.com/5jopUecFil

— Paul Owens (@oh_pollo) March 23, 2019

Just look at those images! The production instantly drew some attention because, well, it looks amazing. It spread out like wildfire and ended up getting the assistance of Ridley Scott and Sigourney Weaver.

Sigourney Weaver going to the NBHS cast and team at their repetition performance of Alien after national media acknowledgment boggled the mind!! #alien #Alien40 th pic.twitter.com/2UXL0v1H3X

— Nicholas J. Sacco (@NicholasJSacco) April 27, 2019

Now, the play has been submitted in its entirety, so you can take pleasure in. Bear in mind, this isn’t an expert big budget production. This group of identified highschoolers did this on a small and the video itself was just recorded from someone in the audience. Still, the play is incredibly enjoyable.

[feature image: Paul Owens]

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