Guest Post


If you are reading these lines it is because you are interested in writing in as a guest.

Guest posting is a practice that I love. It was one of the strategies that I used most in my beginnings to gain visibility.

So if you think your story and / or your knowledge can help the readers of this blog, you are more than welcome.

I explain to you a bit how we organize the work with the invited authors so that you know what the steps you have to follow will be.

1. Submit your proposal

If you already know what kind of post you are going to do, you have to send us your proposal via Contact Page

 In the subject, put: “Your name: guest post proposal”.

We will read your proposal and I will tell you if it fits or not in the editorial line. Sometimes we have been given the case of people who wanted to talk about issues that had already touched on the blog.

As soon as we validate the subject, we will inform you immediately.

What should your proposal include?

  1. Theme / title: what are you going to talk about?
  2. Keyword to target: if you have done “in” nothing happens. Leave this blank and we will help you see if the article can be optimized for SEO.
  3. Structure / scheme: what sections the post will have. Rank them as in a diagram (point 1, point 1.1, point 1.2, point 2 …). This is done through Word titles (title 2, title 3 …).

2. Wait for our response

As I told you before, we will validate your idea.

What I do tell you in advance is that you have chosen the post that you have chosen, I want deep and quality post. And that implies a minimum extension (about 2,000 or 3,000 words).

Nor will it be worth if you put straw to fill. In this case, we will send it back and we will ask you for the best.

Always the quality cousins ​​before the quantity.

I am delighted that you can collaborate on my blog with an article of yours.