How To Dress To Celebrate Mother’s Day

A special date like this on May 6 deserves a special look. That’s why from Lolita Moda we tell you how to dress to celebrate Mother’s Day. We will give options for both mothers and children, and for different occasions, so everyone can look good on this special day.

Do not forget the gift for Mother’s Day!

Before inviting mom to go out that day or do something special at home, remember to buy her a special detail. Not all mothers are the same, they do not have the same tastes or the same age, so you must know yours well before choosing the gift.

The ideal thing with the arrival of spring and the approach of summer is that you give away fresh, comfortable clothes. Garments that can be used in the coming months.

If you still doubt what to give on Mother’s Day, here are some ideas:

  • Dresses: it is a must-have item in the women’s wardrobe, there are options for all ages and tastes. Short, long, flowered, striped, with or without sleeves. Everything will depend on your preferences when dressing.
  • Blouses and tops: another inevitable in the female wardrobe. The options are endless so that they use them in spring/summer prefers soft fabrics and bright colors.
  • Jerseys, sweatshirts, and jackets: although the heat is approaching, at night they probably need one of these clothes, or if it rains. He prefers tones like navy blue.
  • Monkey: for the most fashionable mothers, monkeys are ideal. You will find them in different colors and lengths, everything will depend on your tastes.
  • Bags and backpack: a woman never has too many bags. Depending on your style you can buy a small cross or a large one where everything you need for work fits. Younger girls prefer backpacks because of their practicality.
  • Shoes: they are the weakness of women. Sandals, slippers, flip flops … are ideal options for the coming months.

There are many ideas for Mother’s Day, choose well according to your tastes and needs.


How to dress to celebrate Mother’s Day

Mothers, grandmothers, mothers-in-law, parents, and children want to look good this day to honor the most special women in our lives. That’s why here we bring you some special tips for everyone.

Impress your mom

Gone are the days when you woke your mom with breakfast, flowers and a card. Now everyone lives in their house. The celebration of Mother’s Day becomes a brunch or a slightly more formal lunch, although equal within the intimacy of the family.

Ideally, choose spring looks, which will help you impress your parents. But, be casual enough to be in the family. We will give informal looks ideas, although there are some families that do more formal events.

For women

  • Jersey, mid-calf skirt, and Chelsea boots. He prefers pink tones that go very well with spring, a skirts pattern and the shoes that go together.
  • Colorful dresses with accessories. This is the station to use flashy tones. If you have a more formal meeting, take advantage of a one-tone dress with contrasting jewelry, heels and a bag of the same hue.
  • Nightgown with jeans. If it’s a casual breakfast you can opt for jeans to the ankle with a nightgown or soft cloth dress.
  • Bib, sweater, and sneakers. For a casual meeting, this is a comfortable option. It is very comfortable and relaxed. A denim bodysuit or a light tone, a sweater and Converse type shoes.
  • Cowboy, blazer and striped sweater. It is a look to impress. He prefers a light-colored sweater, white or beige, with a horizontally striped sweatshirt.
  • Short print dress, with clear sandals and matching bag. You will look very chic and comfortable.
  • A Parisian look to honor your mother is a good option. A striped blouse with a denim skirt, open espadrilles and accessories according to style.
  • A much more casual option is a pastel-colored cowboy, a sleeveless blouse, and a denim jacket. Combine it with a bag and brown sandals. It is a classic for a family breakfast.

For men

  • The Parisian style also suits men. Jeans, striped shirt, blue blazer and white sneakers are a classic adapted to current fashion. It will be ideal for a family brunch or lunch.
  • Black pants, ankle boots, white long sleeve t-shirt, and a windbreaker is a good casual look.
  • If the temperature rises, a Bermuda with a short sleeve shirt and espadrilles is casual but fashionable.
  • For the more formal ones, a light colored suit with a shirt and sneakers will look great. You will impress your mom.
  • Jeans with a graphic or floral shirt will be a good look for spring. Complement it with some sunglasses and some Converse.

Dress up kids for mothers day

Parents can also take advantage of the occasion to show off with their wives and dress the children with a good spring look. They can dress up together to take a special photo that day.

In spring it is always an option to dress in layers, in case the day starts at low temperatures but then the sun rises or vice versa. Always remember to respect the personality of the child and adapt to their style.

In this season the floral is a trend. For girls choose floral pants with a unicolor shirt and a denim jacket. You can also choose fruit prints or foods, such as ice cream, the color of these clothes will make them look great.

For children, a buttoned shirt is always a good option and if the temperature drops completely with a sweater, this goes well with beige pants. The marine theme also looks very good, the striped pants with t-shirts with fish prints, for example.


What mothers should wear in their day

Now we go with the looks for the honorees on this special day. Take advantage of these ideas and get inspired to look good on Mother’s Day.

Comfortable chic look

When it comes to clothing, mothers have a motto: comfort is the key to looking and feeling good. So you can start with a dress that highlights your silhouette and adds certain accessories.

A trend that you can take advantage of is to combine the casual dress with white sneakers. A denim jacket, sunglasses, bracelets and a simple but colorful necklace. The idea is that you feel good, but that you are so comfortable to go to the park.

Another very comfortable look is a monkey with flat sandals. It will allow you to move easily.

Casual style for Mother’s Day

If you wear jeans every day, denim is your thing. But this day you’ll want to leave the pants in the closet, what you can do to look more feminine is to wear a denim fabric dress and combine it with accessories that give it more elegance.

You can add heels, a chic jacket, and some stone tendrils. These accessories depend on the style of the dress. Perhaps the best shoes will be wedges that are very comfortable. As for the jacket, you could choose a leather jacket.

Others prefer instead of heels booties, across wallet and simple accessories. Each with its style.

A black dress for any occasion

The so-called Little black dress, small black dress, is basic in any woman’s wardrobe. It may not be ideal if the celebration is a brunch or casual lunch, but it is very good for a dinner.

Combine it with shoes and accessories of shades that stand out. For example, mothers with small children prefer ballerinas than heels, for their comfort. Complete the look with a bright and clever cardigan.

Floral print for spring

The floral dresses are the ideal choice for spring. Many times women feel that they make them look very young or “sweet”, but with the right accessories, you could look very well.

The floral dress complements it with a leather jacket, a chunky necklace and booties or heels. Complete with some glasses with reflecting glasses.

You can choose a short dress or a maxi dress. In both cases, the accessories are the ones that will stand out.

A very feminine look for a special day

Being a mom is not a glamorous job. Therefore, this special day is an opportunity to take your feminine and fabulous side. A white lace dress will highlight your silhouette and will favor your lines and curves.

Combine it with nude heels, and accessories in earth tones or blues.

You already know how to dress to celebrate Mother’s Day. The idea is that both children and moms look good on this special date. No matter how they decide to celebrate, everyone can dress accordingly and take a nice photo that is left to remember.