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How to endure Valentine’s Day by pretending it doesn’t exist

A couple of Februarys ago, I opted for lunch with a good friend and was served a devastating blow.

As I purchased a club sandwich, I captured her considering me nervously.

” Oh god,” I said.

” It’s about Tom,” she said.

” Ok,” I stated, panicking.

” He has a girlfriend?” I thought in a quote to put myself out of my own suffering.

” Yes. And?!”

There was more. “They’re having a baby,” she stated. Unexpectedly the dining establishment felt unbearably loud. A wave of heat passed over my body and an unusual rash appeared across my chest, my sandwich showed up. I stared at it and tried my finest not to puke.

It was three days before Valentine’s Day and I desired nothing more than for time to stand still. “Valentine’s Day can definitely get fucked,” I said the next day to my friend Michelle as I ran on the treadmill and cried all at once.

I wanted to round up every silk increased, every cheesy card, every tacky huge teddy bear and throw them on a huge bonfire. All over I turned seemed like a constant attack of love, romance, and relationships. Each one of them a reminder of the sting of rejection I was feeling. I wished to pretend that Valentine’s Day didn’t exist, however I didn’t understand how.

There’s a scene in Bridget Jones’ Diary where she finds out that Daniel Cleaver has a secret fiancée the whole time they’ve been together, and she has to go to work and act like absolutely nothing’s taken place.

On Valentine’s Day, a work pal left a card on my desk. Later, on Instagram, I saw the Valentine’s Day card that Tom had actually offered to his sweetheart.

Over the next couple of years, that cursed day came and went. Truth is, Valentine’s Day is simply another day if you’re not in a state of loved-up happiness.

I decline to invest another Valentine’s Day sobbing over a dreadful olive pun.

Commemorate other types of love

Psychologist Dr. Tony Ortega recommends reframing the day “from being a day of romantic love to a day of commemorating any sort of love, like we did when we were kids.”

” If you wish to celebrate love however do not have romantic love, get your friends and do something uncommon to celebrate your friendships,” state Ortega. “This could take the form of a scavenger hunt or possibly a facility that serves both alcohol however has some home entertainment like video games and even a drag show.” If you do not elegant going out, you might FaceTime a friend who lives far and have a long-overdue catch up.

Get rid of all negative ideas

Psychosexual and relationship therapist Silva Neves recommends banning the unfavorable thoughts you have about yourself. “Being in a relationship is not a mark of success. Many individuals in relationships are dissatisfied. Take pride in being single,” says Neves.

” Each time you have an unfavorable idea about yourself, take in and out deeply and state something supporting about yourself rather. You will discover that you have lots of great qualities.” Make a list of everything you like about yourself, if you seem like it.

Disregard the buzz

Valentine’s Day literally is simply any other day.

Rachael Lloyd, relationship specialists at eharmony, states “it may sound apparent, however the more you participate in Valentine’s Day, the more you will be affected.” “Avoid over the romance, prevent your regional pizza reveal and keep off social media for the day to restrict your exposure.”

Get truly into puzzles

If it’s nigh-on difficult to neglect the truth that it’s the most cursed day in the calendar, then ramp up your interruption methods.

How to survive Valentine's Day by pretending it doesn't exist

Image: vicky leta/ mashable.

Have some ‘me time’

Dating and relationship coach Sami Wunder says if you’re single, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for celebrating yourself. Decide that it will be a day for self-love,” states Wunder.

“A long bath possibly? Or have your favourite chocolates.

Have an errand day

If you have actually got the day off, one thing that’s ensured to keep you really hectic is running errands.

Have sex

People in long-lasting relationships aren’t the only people who get to have sex on Valentine’s Day. Dr. Ortega suggests contacting your fuck buddy and scheduling a hookup.

” Do you have a pal with benefits you can call on?

If you don’t have a FWB, then Neves advises having an orgasm anyhow through solo sex (aka masturbation). “And make a dedication to have those regularly, not just on Valentine’s Day,” says Neves.

Leave the nation

Not permanently. If you can manage to, treat yourself to a weekend away somewhere great, or take a roadway trip to visit a good friend you haven’t seen for ages.

Whatever you do on Feb. 14, keep in mind that great deals of people in long-term relationships couldn’t provide a shit about it. It’s simply a foolish day.

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