I belong to both Costco and BJ’s Wholesale Club– here’s why it deserves it to pay for both subscriptions

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I’ve been a Costco shopper practically since birth– or a minimum of as far back as I can remember.

My household preserved a Costco membership and often shopped there when we resided in Staten Island, New York. As a kid, I found the storage facility shopping experience to be magical. The aisles upon aisles with towering shelves of items, the jumbo-sized whatever, and the free samples all made it especially memorable.

When I ultimately left on my own some 12 years later, I naturally acquired a Costco subscription of my own and continued the family custom of bimonthly shopping adventures to stockpile on frozen food, natural milk, and stacks of Kirkland toilet tissue, among other things.

Eventually, however, Costco’s rival concerned town– BJ’s Wholesale Club opened an area in Bensonhurst, within strolling range of my house, in September2014 Prior to that, I ‘d always made the trek to visit the closest Costco in Sunset Park, a nearby Brooklyn neighborhood but one that needed a lengthy trip by subway or Uber

Undoubtedly, the benefit of the new BJ’s made it hard to skip giving it a minimum of a trial run. The chain cleverly ran an affordable trial membership, and I was quickly hooked. However I never ever quit my Costco membership, due to the fact that eventually, I still think Costco is the remarkable storage facility option

While it’s not financially feasible for every household to pay for the dual memberships– $60 per year for Costco on top of the somewhat more affordable $55 per year for BJ’s– I’m fortunate because it’s within my ways.

And if you can swing it, there are several reasons that it’s worth it to preserve ongoing subscriptions at both.

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General, there are more Costco shops than BJ’s across the country. As of March, there were 535 storage facilities situated in the United States and Puerto Rico. That’s a substantial number more than the 217 clubs BJ’s presently runs.

But BJ’s operates solely on the East Coast, instead of Costco, which has at least one place in almost every state (with nearly a quarter of all areas in California alone). While that implies BJ’s is useless to you if you live west of Georgia, if you reside on the East Coast, there’s a likelihood that the nearby BJ’s is a bargain better to you than the nearby Costco.

Within Brooklyn alone, for instance, there are 3 BJ’s clubs and just a single Costco area.

And if you resemble my household and frequently travel frugally— staying in rentals and cooking your own meals to save cash– it definitely can be found in convenient to have both subscriptions. Coming from BJ’s and Costco ups the opportunities that there will be a wholesale club within an affordable range of anywhere we’re staying.


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In my shopping experience, BJ’s tends to have superior coupons available on a more routine basis.

Though you require to clip them– they aren’t instantly used to your account– the discount coupon book is frequently mailed to your home address. Additionally, you can electronically “clip” the deals you need through the BJ’s app.

Some of my most typical purchases regularly have coupons available, leading to approximately $5 to $15 in overall savings for each shopping trip. On top of that, BJ’s accepts maker’s coupons, while Costco does not This can result in doubling up on major savings for certain products, if you’re a savvy buyer and avid coupon collector.

“Wholesale clubs do not generally accept manufacturer coupons, however BJ’s is the exception, which supplies you a great method to save cash,” Krazy Voucher Girl co-founder Joanie Demer told CNBC


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This may differ based on your location, however in my experience, there’s a marked distinction in the crowds at each of my regional BJ’s and Costco.

The Costco I go to is hardly ever, if ever, empty. Virtually from the minute it opens– even on weekdays!– shoppers are lined up and waiting to get in at the doors. On the other hand, my BJ’s club is basically a ghost town throughout common weekday organisation hours.

BJ’s likewise offers a self-checkout lane, which the typical Costco does not. This, undoubtedly, helps speed things up and lowers the overcrowding and enormously long lines that Costco near continuously suffers from.



It’s virtually difficult to get a precise continue reading whether BJ’s or Costco has definitively much better rates in general– and individuals have actually certainly tried.

Personal finance author Lauren Greutman looked at 40 different items readily available at Sam’s Club, Costco, and BJ’s and concluded that BJ’s costs vanquished the others’ more times than not (by a little margin). Nevertheless, her analysis discovered that Costco tied or beat BJ’s on certain products (like their rates on Kraft American cheese slices and meal detergent, which were each substantially more affordable at Costco at the time of publishing).

Likewise, My BJ’s Wholesale, an informal blog site dedicated to the shop, ran an extensive rate comparison looking at the store brand name prices for Costco’s Kirkland brand and BJ’s Berkley Jensen and Wellsley Farm brands. The blog writer found that Kirkland was king when it came to some products, like generic vitamins, pain relievers, meal soap, batteries, and laundry cleaning agent, while BJ’s 2 brand names won out in terms of prices for things like diapers, toilet paper, and paper towels.

So in the end, it’s everything about what you are regularly buying– if you’re a savvy consumer who takes pleasure in hunting for the finest rates and does not mind journeys to multiple shops to get those deals, getting specific products from BJ’s and others from Costco is a no-brainer.


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While the hours of operation aren’t standardized throughout every single store, the majority of BJ’s clubs have significantly later closing times than Costco.

My regional BJ’s Wholesale is open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday, which I find quite excellent. On Sundays, it’s open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Costco’s availability pales in comparison. The Brooklyn location is just open from 9 a.m. to 8: 30 p.m. Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday, and from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.

Even if you generally prefer Costco to BJ’s (as I do), it certainly can be found in useful to hold a BJ’s subscription too, in the off-chance you have a late-night wholesale emergency situation– which has certainly occurred to my family, particularly in the days before major food vacations.


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This is possibly a no-brainer, but it bears mentioning: Costco and BJ’s do not have identical stock.

Each store works out with specific companies and brand names to guarantee their availability and their rock-bottom rates. This suggests that particular items end up being special to an offered shop. Unfortunately, it likewise implies that specific things can just as quickly vanish if the offer is renegotiated.

If you have a strong sense of brand loyalty, this will appeal to you; if you’re less thinking about what brand you’re purchasing and more crazy about getting the most affordable possible version in minimal journeys to various stores, this will be lesser.

And of course, if you’re a Kirkland enthusiast– the brand name’s generic products, consisting of toilet tissue and paper towels, are widely thought about to be the very best of the best and incredibly cheap– you’ll require to maintain a Costco membership simply for that. Don’t forget that rotisserie chicken either!


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If choosing the healthiest natural options for your food and drinks is necessary to you, Costco has a leg up– currently, the shop has the higher selection of natural items.

In 2015, Business Insider reported that Costco was even on track to beat Entire Foods as the country’s top seller of organic food. A year later on, Costco reportedly did indeed eclipse its competitor, accomplishing over $4 billion in yearly sales from its natural items.

BJ’s stock of natural products is still growing, however buyers with that specific factor to consider in mind will wish to go to Costco over BJ’s. A minimum of for the time being.


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Costco doesn’t have a hard deadline to get a refund for non-electronic products, whereas BJ’s does (you require to return the product within a year of getting it). While we ‘d never motivate the abuse of Costco’s infamously lax return policy, the fact is that if you’re undecided about an item, you ought to utilize Costco, not BJ’s, to buy it. The probability of quickly returning it is much higher at Costco.


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