I got a trip of a fancy clubhouse in New York City’s Tribeca, where members pay up to $8,000 a year to network with top-level officers. The space was gorgeous– however it plainly wasn’t the main perk people pay for

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Chief’s cofounders, Carolyn Childers and Lindsay Kaplan.

Hillary Hoffower/Business Insider.


Ladies in the work environment have a brand-new haven where they can link, discover, and grow.

Chief, which launched in January, is a private network for aiming or current ladies executives that concentrates on mentorship

Its Tribeca clubhouse is among lots of spaces geared at networking and coworking areas turning up throughout New York City at various price points, amongst them Spring Place, another members-only club also situated in trendy Tribeca, where month-to-month subscription can add to $1,250, and Rockefeller Center’s Club 75, which is tailored particularly at CEOs and directors.

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I just recently took a tour of Chief and expected the fancy Tribeca clubhouse it operates out of to have the feel of a special members-only club. What I found instead was a welcoming and down-to-earth space that appeared developed to cater to the networking requirements of its members.

Have a look inside Chief.


Chief lies in Tribeca, home to Manhattan’s wealthiest postal code.

Hillary Hoffower/Business Insider.

Carolyn Childers and Lindsay Kaplan, previous VP-level executives, are the founders of Chief.

Childers stated they focused on space prior to location– the community feel and character of the area was a “nice addition.”



The clubhouse lies on the second flooring of a residential building on Hudson Street, which had life however wasn’t excessively dynamic.

Hillary Hoffower/Business Insider.

I found the neighborhood vibes to mirror what was waiting for me inside.


The clubhouse felt welcoming as quickly as I stepped in.

Hillary Hoffower/Business Expert.

It was developed to feel calm and inviting– like a retreat into somebody’s home instead of an office, Childers said. It was likewise created to feel powerful.


The primary room is painted green for an inviting feel that symbolizes a place of leaders.

Hillary Hoffower/Business Insider.

“Management isn’t gendered,” Childers stated. “The reverse of pink is not blue; green is inclusive.”


Developed in cooperation with Amy Butchko and Adrienne Laube from The Springs Collective, the appearance is vibrant and dominant, however calm.

Hillary Hoffower/Business Insider.

It combines tropical plants with a mix of antique home furnishings and modern declaration pieces.


Brown leather armchairs brought in clubhouse vibes– they were a few of the softest chairs I had actually ever beinged in.

Hillary Hoffower/Business Expert.

I was lured to remain there with one of the numerous books spread throughout the clubhouse.


My preferred part of the area was the grand piano– it made for the perfect declaration piece.

Hillary Hoffower/Business Insider.

Subscription, that includes access to the clubhouse, varies from $5,400 to $7,800 for VP levels and C-suite executives, respectively, although about 60%of the members are sponsored by their business, according to Kaplan.

For those paying of pocket, there’s a grant program offered.



I believed Childers summed it up perfectly when she explained the visual as “your weekend power suit.”

Hillary Hoffower/Business Expert.

The creators intended to fill a void by developing a helpful community focused on and tailored to C-suite females, according to Childers– Chief is both a safe space for them to speak about concerns like work-life balance and develop lines of succession for the next generation.

“We’re not elite,” Kaplan said. “We’re selecting spirits that are here for a good reason.”



Presently, Chief has 500 members in their 20 s to 60 s from more than 400 companies spanning a variety of markets.

Hillary Hoffower/Business Expert.

Some members hold prestigious jobs at leading business like Walmart, HBO, Spotify, PepsiCo, and Hearst

While Chief is geared toward females, it also invites guys. There’s an application process to get in, with what the cofounders told me is presently a 3,000- individual waitlist.



The green room is “where the magic takes place,” Kaplan said.

Hillary Hoffower/Business Insider.

It’s divided into numerous lounge locations, developed with a focus on conversation– “how people can use the space to link and put a drink down, instead of work and put a laptop computer down.”


This design assists the function of Chief’s essential service– core groups, in which members are organized into groups of 8 to 10 ladies from a variety of markets however at the exact same career and experience level.

Hillary Hoffower/Business Expert.

In these groups, members gain from each other. Kaplan stated it’s “think tank meets work therapy”– mentoring is the number one thing members leave Chief.

Chief also hosts workshops and panels with people like Whoopi Goldberg and Lindsey Vonn.



The space has a stylish wood bar, which serves white wine at nights.

Hillary Hoffower/Business Insider.

Amongst its social offerings, Chief likewise hosts poker nights and neighborhood nights for members.


With a wide-length mirror and a modern gilded wine cellar, I believed the location easily ended up being a focal point of the room– an ideal place to have a discussion.

Hillary Hoffower/Business Insider.

The bar likewise features a coffee cart and stainless-steel devices.


Members can also gather in one of the 2 board spaces.

Hillary Hoffower/Business Insider.


In one, there’s a carefully curated bookshelf covering a variety of subjects, from arts and culture to feminism and architecture.

Hillary Hoffower/Business Insider.

“The books represent who we think our ladies are,” Kaplan said.


All of Chief’s artwork is by women.

Hillary Hoffower/Business Expert.

A few of my favorites were these strong and fun pieces by Amber Vittoria in the entry bathroom.


There’s also a bathroom in the back, which leads to a nursing room presently being renovated. Like a lot of bathrooms, it has a tub and a shower– but in this case, they’re not for usage.

Hillary Hoffower/Business Insider.


As it ends up, the clubhouse was previously a bachelor pad. The tub couldn’t be eliminated, so it stayed. I thought it was quirky and enjoyable and added character.

Hillary Hoffower/Business Expert.


Ultimately, Chief isn’t actually about the clubhouse.

Hillary Hoffower/Business Insider.

“We’re producing this truly powerful network that didn’t exist, bringing different markets and backgrounds together– the space is where we come together,” Childers said. “The space is a house for that community. The space is secondary.”

While Chief isn’t something I would currently pay for at this minute in my life, I wouldn’t rule it out in the future if I were looking for meaningful connections, a neighborhood, or new ways to grow in my career. While the price can be high if you’re paying of pocket, I believe it’s worth it if you can manage it– Chief’s primary perk isn’t its space, but the group of passionate individuals it can connect you to.



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