Married last name: Guide to know how to change your name

Take note of what you need to know to adopt the married name legally after marriage.

Adopting the married name is a decision that involves a series of administrative procedures to use the husband’s name legally. Any change of surnames, the order of these or the name implies a series of requirements according to the legal regulations of each country. Adopting the surname of married is still in some countries a social tradition recognized by law.

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With the celebration of marriage, the couple adopts a new civil status, a more propitious moment to carry out the registration procedure of the change of surnames. If you have assessed your reasons for using the husband’s last name, the next step is to make the change in the correct way to avoid possible administrative problems.

How to change the maiden name to married?

Not all women are willing to give up their last name completely, so before legally making the change, it is convenient to know what other options exist, such as the merged surnames, put together the two surnames of the couple so that none of them is relegated. The first of all is to confirm the assumptions and requirements established in the law so that the change is valid and that the new surname belongs legitimately to the person concerned.

Married last name change

The change of surname can be requested at the same time as the marriage certificate or official document that certifies its celebration (in Spain it is issued by the Civil Registry). Once the registration of the surname change has been made, all the documents must be renewed in which our personal data (ID or identity card, passport, social security card, driving license, credit cards, health cards, profiles in social networks…).

The change of surname is not an automatic process, but it has its terms, so officially we will have to wait a bit to use the new surname. The decision to adopt the husband’s surname should be made before beginning the organization of the wedding and the honeymoon. So, for example, if the couple plans to travel during the honeymoon, it is necessary to take into account the name of who made the reservations or if we can have problems with the passport due to lack of time to renew it. The most advisable thing is to wait until the return of the honeymoon to renew all the documents, without hurry or last-minute setbacks, accompanied by the license or marriage certificate.