Sydney Swans chairman Andrew Pridham has called for a complete review of the AFL in a commission meeting, according to veteran reporter Caroline Wilson.

After the AFL navigated the COVID-19 crisis by playing video games in hubs in addition to during crammed components, the success of the season has led to concerns over whether some of the changes introduced in 2020 must be made permanent.

According to Wilson, Pridham required the AFL’s fixturing, competition structure along with second-tier competitors to be reviewed to name a few things.

” Andrew Pridham has prompted a major evaluation of the whole competitors,” she told Nine’s Footy Classified

Pridham called for the position of AFL chairman Richard Goyder to likewise be a part of the prevalent evaluation

“This is not a review he believes should be done by the commission, in fact I think Andrew Pridham said to the commission and their chairman Richard Goyder that they too should be evaluated.

“He wants to evaluate the Players’ Association, all the clubs, the fixturing, the competitors structure, the second-tier competitors, media offers, gamer managers.

” This isn’t a two-year thing, this is a 20- year plan. Some clubs got a little paranoid due to the fact that although he didn’t say this, clearly 18 groups is something that there is assistance for an evaluation of.

” There are clubs that believe that 18 teams is a lot of in the existing financial situations.”

Eddie McGuire thinks smaller sized clubs aren’t in danger of being made extinct whenever soon (Getty)

While Pridham’s sensational call caused some of the AFL’s more financially unsteady clubs issue, Collingwood president Eddie McGuire eased their worries.

” I don’t think there’s any attack on the 18 clubs. Everyone wants to get the 18 clubs through,” he told Footy Classified

” There were a number of circumstances that were placed in front of us, whether we get back to what we were this time in 2015 or whether we have the very same again with centers.

” Everyone is extremely focused on the figures and what requires to occur and Andrew Pridham’s position was that maybe it’s time to have a great look at whatever.

” Not that there’s anything always wrong, however after 27 years, which was the term that was used, maybe it’s time to take a look at what is going on.”