Using little salt in your meals is healthy

Doctors and nutritionists always recommend using a little salt when cooking. However, for many people, it is very difficult to reduce their consumption since they feel that all recipes are tasteless.

We keep the skin hydrated and free of impurities: When we consume too much salt, our body needs more water to balance our body fluids. For this reason, one of the parties that suffer the consequences is the skin, which prevents dehydration.

In this sense, by using a little salt and, at the same time, drinking more water, we manage to keep the skin hydrated. We also facilitate the elimination of impurities that accumulate in the outermost layers of the skin. In addition, we prevent premature skin aging.

We feel more energized: Excess salt impairs the function of the kidneys. These organs, when overloaded or weakened, cause a lack of energy that can become chronic if we do not improve our habits. For this reason, many people who consume stimulants such as coffee or cola do not manage to overcome the constant exhaustion.

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We lose weight more easily: If you are trying to lose weight or want to maintain a good weight without going hungry, we recommend that you reduce your salt intake. The abuse of this product favors the retention of liquids and hinders the purifying function of our organism. For this reason, by limiting it, you can lose weight more easily.

We prevent cardiovascular disorders: People who suffer from hypertension already know that they should use a little salt or eliminate it from their diet.


We prevent swelling:

* It is a problem for many people in different parts of the body. The accumulation of liquids is frequent in the area of the legs, feet, and belly, especially. This makes us gain volume, feel heavy, annoying.

* We recommend always choosing sea salt instead of table salt or refined.