View Christian TV news program 700 Club’s report on Burning Male (1996)

I’ve never ever been to Burning Man however this 700 Club report from 1996 truly sells that year’s festival theme of “The Inferno!” From the blog site of Oliver Bonin, director of the Burning Man documentary Dust & Illusions:.

In 1996 a group under the name “The Sentinel Group” goes to Burning Guy, right during the year themed as “HELL” [sic] After collecting hours of video footage during the event, they went to the TV show “The 700 Club” hosted by the rich, apparently christian, Pat Robertson, one of those extremists that you can discover only in America, preaching the bible and making millions at the exact same time.

I found this incredible excerpt of the 700 Club during my look for archival footage about Burning Guy.

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