Wall exercises: Get fit with just one wall

You no longer have an excuse to not get fit, because with only one wall you can do all these exercises.

Who said that you need a lot of machines and tools to get in shape? With these exercises, you will only need a wall to start training your whole body and feel good. Take note!

Wall burpee


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Hellloooooo from México! 🇲🇽 Sorry this is getting posted late, but, well, Mexico. This is another super oldie but goodie from the early days of #SWEATADAY. Shockingly, it’s also another burpee. Surprise, surprise. #Day26of40 . WALL BURPEE . 1. Find a solid wall that you don’t mind putting your feet on. So, like maybe not a beautifully painted wall in your house, a mirror or a cubicle. Make sure it’s sturdy. I like to space myself by placing the hands on the ground in front of the wall and finding a place where my foot can reach back and still be slightly bent. 2. Start your burpee, hands to the ground, but instead of kicking your feet back to a push-up, kick your feet up on the wall. Make sure this is with slightly bent knees. 3. Land your feet back down on the ground and hop up. **if it’s too much, do regular burpees. #SWEATA40days #wallburpee #burpeeseverydamnday

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For lovers of HIIT (high-intensity exercises), we show you the wall burpee, or what is the same, a burpee on the wall. Situate yourself one step from the wall and make a burpee as you know, only this time instead of directing the legs towards the ground, you will have to raise them to support them on the wall. We warn you, it’s a very intense exercise!

By the way, here is what is burpee, plank, squat and other exercises that you should know

Wall core

Work your core or central part of the body with these exercises on the wall. Stand with your hands on the floor and raise your legs up the wall, so that you can create an angle of 90 to 100 degrees. Once you are in the starting position, move your right knee to your left arm, return to the starting position and bring your left knee to your right arm. Make a series of 10 movements and move a little with your arms toward the wall, forming a more closed angle. Now start stretching your legs back, one after the other, as shown in the video. With these exercises, you will work both the core and legs and glutes.

Lumbar wall

You can take advantage of the wall of your house to do lumbar exercises. Face up, support your back on the floor and your legs on the wall, creating a 90-degree angle. Lift your pelvis and lower back towards the ceiling and lower, slowly and carefully. If you want to increase the intensity of the exercise and work the deep muscles of the lower back, you can do it by lifting one leg towards the ceiling and then the other.

Full body (advanced level)

If you love to train and you are in total form, you will love to try this wall exercise. Do your hand on the wall, looking towards it. Once you’re in the position you can do different exercises by moving your knees to the floor, as you can see in the video. With these workouts, you will get to exercise the whole body: arms, core, back, legs and glutes. Is incredible!

Backstretch in wall

You can do the uttanasana posture of yoga on the wall, which will allow you to stretch your back in depth and learn to do the posture correctly. To do this, put yourself in the initial uttanasana posture near the wall, that is, lowering your head and hands towards your legs, little by little. Once in position, approach your feet little by little to the wall, until you place your back on it. Place your hands on your ankles and keep your posture breathing gently.

As you can see, there are many exercises you can do on the wall, from the comfort of your home, from HIIT exercises to stretching for the back. Of course, most are recommended for intermediate or advanced levels, so we do not recommend you to venture to wall training if you are a beginner.