Wedding invitations in wood: Best ideas

Discover the material that brings all the quality and originality to the wedding invitations in wood with which you will surprise your guests.

Wedding invitations in wood are the most chic trend to surprise the recipients. Invitations in wood, a material that already conveys warmth, which also becomes a nice memory for guests. A lovely alternative to the classic paper wedding invitations that are here to stay.

The celebration of a wedding is one of the most pleasant news for friends and family who will share this special day. Every detail, no matter how small, counts to surprise the guests from the moment they receive the invitation. With these ideas in wood, success is assured.

Invitations for wood wedding

Invitations made in wood perfect for nature-inspired weddings, eco- weddings, rustic weddings and even for vintage-style weddings and for romantic weddings on the beach, because of their design suits all wedding styles.

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Wood is increasingly present in the decoration of weddings in the most varied details, from the wooden trunks as centerpieces to the posters. Now the invitations for a wedding in wood are added.

Invitations made of a sheet of wood that can be customized in thickness, type of wood, shape (square, rectangular …) and color. You can choose the natural color of the wood or play with the colors in the text of the wedding invitation. The text (names of the couple, date, time and place of the link …) can be engraved or stamped. Text that can be accompanied by the most varied drawings or details or with the wedding monogram. The invitations can be combined with some original envelopes, and in the case of invitations for rustic weddings, the tendency is to personalize them with bows, lace or lace.

Wedding invitations on wooden trunks

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And with the wood also as the protagonist, we discover another original way of surprising with the invitations, made with trunks or slices of wood of different trees with the printed message.

We invite you to discover in the gallery of images a selection of designs of wedding invitations in wood that you will love. Ideas in which to inspire you so that each detail of your wedding is unique.